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Last update: 02:12:24 Sunday 26 January 2020

Cumulus (Zambretti) Forecast: Fine, possible showers

Weather Station Forecast: Partly Cloudy

Outside temp: 24.6°C

Temperature change over the last hour: -0.4°C

Temperature trend over the last 3hours: Falling

Average rate of change in temperature over last 3hours: -0.4°C/hr

Outside humidity: 86%

Estimated wet bulb temp: 22.8°C

Sea level pressure is: 1016.0mb and Falling slowly @ -0.3mb/hr

Outside dew point: 22.1°C

Apparent temperature: 28.4°C

Wind chill: 24.6°C

Current heat index: 24.6°C

Current Humidex: 33.8

Average temperature today: 25.0°C

Today's temperature range: 0.7°C

Today's heating degree days: 0.0

Today's cooling degree days: 0.5

Calculated cloud base: 311m

UV Index: 0.0

Inside Temperature & Humidity

Inside temp: 31.0°C

Inside humidity: 39%

Wind Data

Current wind speed & bearing (avg 10min): 5km/h 131� SE

Current wind speed on the Beaufort scale: F1 - Light air

Current wind bearing range (last 10minutes): 90� to 180�

Latest wind speed reading from console: 4km/h 112� ESE

Current wind gust (peak 10min): 8km/h

High wind speed: 7km/h @ 01:14

High Beaufort Windscale: F2 - Light breeze

High wind gust: 9km/h 67� @ 01:09

Total wind run today so far: 8.0km

Today's dominant wind direction: 114� (ESE)

Rain Data

Current rainfall rate: 0.0mm/hr.

The total rainfall so far today: 0.0mm

High rain rate: 0.0mm/hr @ 00:00

High hourly rain: 0.0mm @ 00:00

Rainfall in the last hour: 0.0mm

Rainfall in the last 24 hours: 0.0mm

The total rainfall so far this month: 36.8mm

The total rainfall so far this year: 36.8mm

Last time it rained: 2020-01-24 17:49

Minutes since last rain gauge tip: 1943

Consecutive rain days (excluding today): 0

Consecutive dry days (excluding today):: 1


Sunrise time at the station: 06:13

Sunset time at the station: 20:02

Length of day in hours and minutes (sunrise to sunset): 13:49

Difference between the length of day today and tomorrow: There will be 1min 29s less daylight tomorrow

Start of Civil Twilight at the station: 05:46

End of Civil Twilight at the station: 20:29

Length of daylight (dawn to dusk): 14:43

Current phase of the moon: New Moon

Percentage of moon visible (negative value indicates 'waning'): 1%

Current approximate moon age (0-29 days): 0days

Current moonrise time at the station: 07:03

Current moonset time at the station: 21:07

Today's Other Stats

High temperature: 25.3°C @ 00:00

Low temperature: 24.6°C @ 01:49

High humidity: 86% @ 01:58

Low humidity: 76% @ 00:03

High pressure: 1017.0mb @ 00:00

Low pressure: 1016.0mb @ 02:00

High dew point: 22.2°C @ 01:58

Low dew point: 20.7°C @ 00:08

High Apparent Temperature: 29.2°C @ 00:42

Low Apparent Temperature: 28.1°C @ 01:14

High Heat Index: 25.3°C @ 00:00

Low Wind Chill: 24.6°C @ 01:49

High UV Index: 0.0 @ 00:00

Yesterday's Wind & Rain

Total wind run: 185.2km

High wind speed (Beaufort Windscale): 21 km/h @ 18:48 (F4 - Moderate breeze)

High wind gust & bearing: 29km/h 90 @ 18:45

Dominant wind direction: 110� (ESE)

Total rainfall: 0.0mm

High rain Rate: 0.0mm/hr @ 00:00

High hourly rain: 0.0mm @ 00:00

Yesterday's Other Stats

High temperature: 34.6°C @ 16:14

Low temperature: 23.6°C @ 00:00

Average temperature: 27.1°C

Temperature range: 11.0°C

High humidity: 86% @ 08:07

Low humidity: 44% @ 16:17

High pressure: 1021.0mb @ 10:45

Low Pressure: 1015.0mb @ 15:15

High dew point: 22.1°C @ 11:48

Low dew point: 19.8°C @ 17:35

High Apparent Temperature: 36.4°C @ 16:15

Low Apparent Temperature: 25.8°C @ 08:02

High Heat Index: 38.0°C @ 16:14

Low Wind Chill: 23.6°C @ 00:00

Heating degree days: 0.0

Cooling degree days: 7.1

High UV Index: 0.0 @ 00:00

All-time, Monthly and Yearly Records

To view All-time, Monthly and Yearly Records click somewhere here :)

New All-time record? YES = 1, NO = 0: 0

Other Junk

The version of Cumulus in use: 3.2.5

The build of Cumulus in use: 3061

The web site update interval: 10minutes

The date and time of the last web site update: 26/01/2020 2:12:24 AM

The type of station in use: Oregon Scientific WMR200

The station latitude: S 32° 32' 53"

The station longitude: E 151° 09' 54"

The station altitude: 64 m

The station location: Dazz's Weather Station

Longer description of the station location: The weather station on Dazz's Roof

Date that the all time records began: 02 January 2010

Day count since Cumulus records started: 3676

Number of hours displayed by the graphs: 72

Realtime update interval: 30seconds

Time that the logs rollover to the next day: midnight

Is it currently within daylight hours? YES = 1, NO = 0: 0

Is the sun up? YES = 1, NO = 0: 0

Has station stopped sending data to Cumulus? YES = 1, NO = 0: 0

Current error details (if any):

Current error timestamp: ------ ------

Last time Cumulus read data from the station: 26/01/2020 2:12:23 AM

Sensor Contact is lost! YES = 1, NO = 0: 0

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): 15:12 on 25 January 2020

PC Info

Operating System version, language: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0, English (Australia)

CPU number, type: 2 x n/a

Display Mode: n/a

System Uptime: 7 days 8 hours

Cumulus Uptime: 7 days 8 hours

Memory Status: n/a

Memory allocated to Cumulus: 23.89 MB

Disk size & free space: n/a with n/a free.

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